What is Mvix Primus and how much does it cost?

Mvix Primus is a state-of-the-art digital signage system comprising of an embedded, solid-state-based signage controller and a web-based content management (CMS) software suite for remotely controlling and monitoring the signage network via a web-browser.

Mvix Primus is priced at $695. This includes the cost for the signage controller (signage hardware) and the web-based CMS application (signage software). No additional costs for signage software. The Web-based CMS application does NOT require any contracts, commitments or subscriptions.

How can I get technical support on Mvix Primus?

Mvix offers a THREE-layered support system to all its customers:
.... Knowledgebase Articles: A database of Frequently-asked Questions
.... Helpdesk Support Ticket System: Technical Support Tickets.
.... Phone-Support: Technical Support via 866.310.4923 xtn 2.


What is the warranty on Mvix Primus?

Mvix Primus comes with a warranty of 1-yr on parts and labor. Extended warranties are available at an additional (optional) cost.


How soon can I receive Mvix Primus?

We attempt to ship all orders within 72-hrs of order confirmation. Mvix Primus is shipped from our warehouse located in Chantilly, VA (USA). We ship all over the world via FEDEX / UPS. Upon placing an order, you will receive an email regarding web-app CMS registration information.

Are there any Quick-Start Tutorials?

Definitely, Mvix Primus is an easy-to-use, with significantly small learning curve. Please visit our Knowledgebase Articles for step-by-step tutorials on basic functions of Mvix Primus

How can I contact a Digital Signage consultant?

Feel free to contact our digital signage consultants by calling: +1.703.652.9131 (M-F 9:30am to 6pm EST) OR via our web-based contact form.




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