Mvix Primus HD Digital Signage System

Primus 1080p Digital Signage

Scalable, Functional, Easy-to-Use Digital Signage System for low-cost, robust applications.

Primus powers your dynamic product displays, digital advertising boards, electronic menu boards, and narrowcasting!

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  • Networkable Remote Management
  • 1080p Display over HDMI
  • Zones, Templates, RSS Feeds, Live TV

Web-based Signage Application

  • Full-HD 1080p Resolution

    Full-HD Resolution

    Mvix Primus is an advanced, industrial-grade signage system capable of delivering video and slideshows at an astonishingly crisp 1920x1080p resolution.

  • Highly Reliable Solid State Storage

    Solid-State Storage

    Primus features the reliability and responsiveness of solid-state storage for media access. SSDs ensure high MTBFs, lower latency, and low power consumption

  • Video Feed Input and Live TV

    TV / Video-in Feed

    Incorporate a live-TV feed into your signage layout via Primus' built-in video tuner. Simply plug in a video cable from the video source for dynamic video content.

  • System On a Chip Video Display System

    Embedded SOC Design

    Built on an embedded System-on-a-Chip (SOC) architecture, Primus guarantees operational reliability and ensures unhindered performance.

  • 1080p playback over HDMI

    1080p over HDMI

    Primus meets the industry's highest standards for hardware video decoding. Advanced HDMI connectivity delivers crisp, 1080p playback over a single cable.

  • Low power consumption and operating costs

    Low Power Usage

    Primus consumes only 12W of power, drastically reducing the operational expense. It's fanless design enhances reliability for a 24/7/365 non-stop operation.

  • Network Remote Management

    Remote Management

    Primus enables centralized control, scheduling, and delivery of multimedia content remotely, through IP / Ethernet network via a standard web-browser.

  • Extremely small compact size

    Micro- Footprint

    Primus features a compact design for ease of installation and mounting. It's specially designed to be mounted behind a large-size LCD TV.

  • Auto Power On and Auto Play

    Dedicated Signage

    Dedicated digital signage technology eliminates the risks of virus infection and operating system crash commonly found in PC-based solutions.

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    Central Management

    Built on the SaaS model, Primus Signage CMS provides centralized control from any internet-connected PC. This secure internet application lets you manage your signage network from anywhere in the world.

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    Individual Playlists

    Easy-to-use and DIY (do-it-yourself) simplicity for playlist setup and campaign deployment. Create and deploy playlists for an individual display or a group simultaneously.

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    Intuitive design lets users add, rearrange, and schedule playback quickly in a calendar overview. Schedule playback for videos, text, slideshows, RSS feeds using time-saving templates

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    Remote Monitoring

    Versatile cloud-based management provides a complete 360-degree, real-time view of system performance and playback functionality of each signage player on the network.

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    RSS / Weather Feeds

    Primus provides the flexibility of using standard or custom RSS feeds and graphical weather streams on mulit-zone layouts is all supported for one screen.

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    Grids and Zones

    Use simple, drag-and-design concept to create simultaneous playback areas on the screen. Grids and zones allow simultaneous display of branding, informational and promotional content

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    Live TV / Video Feed

    Primus handles live TV and video feeds easily by integrating it via the split-screen zones. This capability allows displaying messages and banners right next to the dynamic video feed.

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    Primus provides POPAI standard playlogs, performance logs and proof-of-play reports for enhanced visibility and transparency of signage network performance.

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    User Management

    Primus signage provides role-based auser access for campaign management. Providing role-based administrative access leverages skill and expertise, thereby increasing efficiency and scalability.

Web-based Digital Signage

Web-based Signage CMS

The Primus web-based CMS eliminates the need for installing any software locally. Primus Signage is the "command center" for the entire digital signage network. More...

Remote System Monitoring

Videos, RSS, Weather

Primus allows for a scrolling feeds of stocks, news, and weather to keep the display fresh and interesting. Latest weather feeds can be pre-configured at the city level.More...

Scheduling & Dayparting

Scheduling & Dayparting

All content and zone layouts can be scheduled based upon time, day of week or duration. The scheduling can be controlled down to the individual display or a group of displays.More...

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Zones and Live-TV

Customize screen "zones" to fit dynamic content. Live TV provides relevance and zoned-banners provide branding to bring static digital signage to life with local content.More...

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